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The visionary leadership role within society has changed. In times prior to the Renaissance, visionary leadership was provided by mystics, such as shamans or priests. Since the Renaissance, science has supplanted religion as the “go-to” source for wisdom, and the answers to the big questions.


For all the wonderful things that science has given us, including all modern technology, there are still unanswered questions: What is the nature of life? What is the nature of consciousness? Who are we really? No amount of biochemistry will answer these questions. Today’s scientific process, while potent, has inherent limitations. Science today is based on experimentation, conjecturing, and collaboration.Science is based on observable, measurable, tangible facts. Spirituality is opening to the intangible, infinite unknown, and the mystery.

Here at Vadiance Science, we are bringing these two worlds together.

We engage in an expanded scientific process. Not only do we employ experimentation, conjecturing, and collaboration like other scientists. But we also add to the mix divination. Divination is the structured use of intuition to answer specific questions.

This is a huge advantage. We can get pointers and shortcuts that would take secular scientists years (or decades) to figure out. For example, “Is approach A more fruitful for purifying water, or is approach B?” With divination, you can get an indication of which path may bear more fruit, without having to research each path. Using divination doesn’t mean you renounce all responsibility for validating and verifying each step, but rather, it becomes another tool (and perspective) in the toolbox.

Some critics will say that mental knowing (book learning) is a more reliable path to truth. They would say divination is inherently unreliable. It is our experience that, unfortunately, many things written in books are incorrect. This is coming from someone who has a PhD in electrical engineering, 20 patents, and has read many, many books.

Book knowing is based on the information we have available at any given point in our evolution, which is always limited or incorrect. Some classic errors:

  • “The Earth is Flat.”
  • “The Earth is the center of the universe.”
  • “Heavier than air flying machines can never work.”

Here at Vadiance Science, we have found that the more you can let go of the old truths, the more you make room for new revelations to take shape. We find that divination, done correctly, can be an invaluable complement to traditional methods of scientific inquiry.

We consider ourselves “mystical scientists.” At Vadiance Science, we practice what could be termed “spiritual science” We believe this conscious blending of science and spirituality is the future. It opens the doors to intuitive insights, calling forth and accessing higher truth, and invoking and receiving the wisdom of ascended beings.

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