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How to Access Vital Life Force To Increase Your Energy

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All living organisms contain what is known as Vital Life Energy. Vital Life Energy is essential to life. This life energy penetrates and surrounds all things that are living. By contrast, a formerly living body is absent of life energy.

The concept of Vital Life Energy has been around for Millenia and has been given many different names by an array of cultures. A few ancient examples are: Chi, Ki, Prana, and Mana. Some modern examples are: Vibrational Qualities, Subtle Energies, Source Field, or just “The Field”.

Unlike the rest of the world, Western culture is the only group that has not embraced the concept of vital life energy, choosing to stay with purely mechanistic models. While Western medicine has been successful, it does not address the whole picture, including your subtle energies. As we will see later, imbalances in one’s subtle energies are often responsible for the root cause of various health maladies. 

Western medicine generally focuses too heavily on fixing symptoms via drug based treatments, (e.g. “Just take this pill and you might be better — if you can stand the side effects.”). Many of us are intuitively aware of life energy in our environment, even if we don’t consciously recognize it. For a moment, imagine yourself in a lush green forest, or near the ocean. How does it feel to be there? Perhaps peaceful or restorative. Now imagine yourself in the middle of rush hour at the center of a big city; perhaps frazzled. For many of us, the felt sense of a locale is informed by the quality of life energy affiliated with the particular locale.


The technique of ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ has recently gained awareness, but its roots trace back thousands of years to ancient Chinese culture. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, grounding relates to the concept of your Qi (Chi) or ‘life force’ energy. When your Qi is flowing smoothly and strongly you are healthy; when your Qi is sluggish or blocked this leads to ill-health.

In today’s modern world it is easy to become disconnected from Nature. As we find ourselves more detached from Mother Earth, we are beginning to see and feel the impact on our health. Years of extensive research has shown what humans have always known, connecting to the Earth’s natural energy by walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock is good for us!

By pressing the soles of our feet against the earth we activate a powerful acupuncture point on the Kidney meridian, called Yong Quan. This helps diffuse and ground the busyness of your mind and encourage the healthy and balanced flow of Qi between your mind, body and spirit into an energy of oneness. We also take in free electrons when our bare feet or skin come in contact with the earth. 

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These electrons can be referred to as nature’s biggest antioxidants, which help neutralize excess free radicals that can cause damage and lead to inflammation and disease in the body. The Earth is a conductor of free electrons, and because our bodies are composed mostly of water, we are excellent conductors of electrons.

Grounding can help counter the increasing levels of invisible “digital toxins” (EMF/EMR/EMI) we are being bombarded with on a daily basis from our phones, computers, travel and more. We can leverage the Earth’s energy to upgrade our overall physiology, helping the body to cope and repair, stabilize our body’s basic biological rhythms, reduce chronic inflammation and pain, promoting overall well being, vitality, and better sleep. According to clinical observations within traditional Chinese medicine, the lower body Dantian (vital life field) is almost always weak in people with electrosensitivity. By engaging in grounding, you can strengthen your lower Dantian.


Triple board certified physician Dr. Zach Bush talks extensively about the importance of grounding to restore the gut microbiome. He suggests we “stand barefoot in the grass and soil, steep in the dirt, sit in the soil, breathe in new environments – especially after taking antibiotics. Commune with Mother Nature and she re-populate and protect you. “ Find out more about Dr. Zach Bush.


Another way we intuitively understand vital life energy is through the foods we eat. Imagine how you might feel after eating a large bag of potato chips; perhaps tired and dull? Now compare this to having a crisp salad, freshly picked from a home garden; maybe clear and energized? Highly processed foods are primarily made up of chemicals, which have minimal vital life energy- what we refer to as “dead” food. Eating foods with little nutritional value or life energy does not make us feel good. Although such foods may minimally sustain us, they lower our own life energy level over time. Choosing raw, living foods can increase your energy, bring clarity to mind, and improve your health. Today the Standard American Diet consists of an average of 80% or more of processed packaged foods and about 20% living foods.

That ration should be the opposite for optimum vitality and health, and the fact that they aren’t is truly sad. It can get confusing and overwhelming to navigate through the food maze, but just starting to understand the importance of fresh food is a great place to start! 

Scientific experiments demonstrate Life Force Energies with biophoton imagery. This implies that there is something surrounding and penetrating the leaves, which is responsible for the light emission. This something is what we are calling Vital Life Energies, or just Life Energies.


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One of the other remarkable aspects of Vital Life Force is that it can be affected by consciousness. In other words, your intention matters. Attitude matters. It is true that your vital energies can be affected by your own consciousness, as well as the consciousness of someone else. The later case is an example of energy healing, such as Reiki. It can be done in person (close proximity), or remotely. In other words, distance healing. 

You might want to check out the work of Dr Emoto. His book “The Hidden Messages in Water” has inspired others to consider that water is a receptive medium and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” can change the physical structure of water. Here at Vadiance Science,we believe water has the potential to contain Vital Life Force Energy, and is imprinted by positive thoughts and words. We have developed an advanced resonant frequency technology which complements the effects of intention demonstrated by Emoto. When combined with intention, the result is our revolutionary Vadiance Water concentrate.

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