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  • Are you open to the idea that water can be a potent catalyst for wellness and activation?
  • Would you like to become an even better version of yourself?
  • Are you interested in resolving energetic imbalances at a root cause level?
  • Are you interested in staying more calm and centered, even in stressful situations?
  • Do you wish to have more energy and motivation?
  • Would you like to have a deeper and more restful sleep?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Vadiance Water may be for you.
Through combining both ancient wisdom and modern technology, Vadiance Water is created via an advanced breakthrough resonant frequency process, which infuses spring water with the high-frequency vital life energies which we all need. When you drink Vadiance Water, it helps to rebalance and restore your vital life energies wherever they are needed most, (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). While pharmaceuticals often work at the level of symptoms, Vadiance Water can work on the root cause of a life energy imbalance.

How to get the most out of your Vadiance experience

  • Be open and receptive to its wellness potential 
  • “Partnering” with the energy of the glass of water
  • Be clear about your intention for the highest and best result
  • Honor the water as a sacred, living entity, e.g. stating your intention/prayer before drinking it.
  • Store Vadiance in a special place.

In general, vital life energies are the formative forces guiding the evolution of life — in all its various forms. Specifically for people, life energies govern the growth and repair of our physical bodies, the evolution of our emotional life, development of our mental capacities, and connection to the Divine. Many of the challenges we face, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, are due to blocks, imbalances, or deficiencies in our natural vital life energies. This can be brought on by previous traumas, toxins in our environment (both physical and energetic), poor diet and/or lifestyle, toxic relationships, genetic factors, etc.

Although the idea of vital life energies has not yet been adopted by Western science and medicine, these concepts have been around for millennia under many different names, such as Chi, Ki, Prana, Mana, Subtle Energies, Elan Vital, etc.

There are many beneficial enhanced waters available today, including structured, clustered, alkalized waters. All these waters have mainly physical benefits. Vadiance is not only structured, but also imprinted with vital life force, so the benefits extend holistically to emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects — in addition to physical benefits. This holistic nature enables the water to support you at a root cause level, rather than dealing only with physical symptoms. Vadiance is the only water we are aware of that works in this holistic way.

We do not recommend this because it reduces the potency of Vadiance. Potency is reduced because the water sees the other liquid as another thing to be assimilated into and rebalanced, detoxed, etc. The result is that Vadiance cannot get as quickly where it needs to go in your body.

In general, Vadiance prefers to be in glass. Glass has the most neutral energetic properties over stainless steel and plastics.

This being said, when dealing with vital energies, nothing is as simple as a binary good vs. bad. It’s many shades of gray. If for practical purposes you need to use stainless or another material, go ahead. It will not ruin Vadiance, it just may not be quite as effective as if you used glass. We at Vadiance Science usually drink it out of glassware for this reason, as well as to avoid plastics (where practical) for all the well-known contamination reasons.

To sum up, use glass if you can, but if you are in a pinch, drinking Vadiance out of stainless steel or plastics is still much better than not taking it at all.

While external energies, such as airport x-rays, will not harm your bottle of Vadiance, they can decrease its potency after repeated exposures. An easy choice would be to purchase one of our TSA friendly 2 oz bottles of Vadiance.

If you want to use what you have, our recommendation is to transfer a small amount of Vadiance into a separate small clean glass container to travel with. Only transfer as much as you need for the trip.

Because the water can become contaminated after you transfer it, we recommend using it up or discarding instead of returning it back to its original bottle. Be sure to follow all TSA rules with regards to travel.

Everyone needs a different dose, and the key to determining yours is to pay attention to your experience.

  1. To start, dilute 2-4 mL, (1 mL = about half-full dropper) of Vadiance into an 8 oz. (240ml) glass of spring water (or your water of choice) per day. The proportions are not critical.
  2. Before drinking, ask the water to help you in whatever way is aligned with your highest good.
    Drink the water.
  3. Thank the water for the benefit your system is receiving.
  4. If, after several days, no changes are noticed, you may be ready to gradually increase your daily intake by 1 dropper, and monitor your experience.
  5. Keep in mind that Vadiance is often working with your system in the background, whether or not you notice it.

Everyone is different, and dosages range from 1/2 to 8 droppers daily (diluted in water). If you feel uncomfortable at any point, decrease your intake. If you don’t feel any effect, try increasing your dose, and keep in mind changes can come in unexpected ways, such as emotional processing or questioning beliefs. Sometimes, people close to us are more equipped to notice gradual but profound changes in our being.

We do not recommend exceeding 8 droppers (8ml) per day. Refrigeration is not required, but it is best to keep Vadiance out of direct sunlight, and away from electronics.

The vital life force energies in Vadiance Water are a resource your system can use in whatever way it needs most. Because each of us has a unique energetic makeup, the benefits you may receive are specific to you. The most common benefits include:

  • Clearing of Negative Emotions & Energies
  • Improvement Your Mood by creating more Calm & Emotional Balance
  • Lower Stress & Better ability to handle Stressful Situations
  • Higher Energy & Focus 
  • Helps you let go of past trauma
  • Inner Peace
  • Expanded Intuition
  • More Restful Sleep
  • Detoxification & Rejuvenation

Most people start to see one or more benefits from Vadiance within the first 7 days of regular use once they find their right dosage level. Since we recommend starting slowly, it can take a week or so of experimenting to find your correct dose. It is worth noting that few supplements show their promised results in two weeks or less, (or ever in some cases). Our informal tests show that 78% of users have one or more of the reported benefits of Vadiance. Since some users may experience no effect, we offer a full no-risk money-back guarantee.

We at Vadiance Science hear many stories from Vadiance users that sound like this: “I started taking Vadiance a few weeks ago and feel great! I started feeling better about problem(s) X/Y/Z around the time I started Vadiance; however I’m not sure if it is just a coincidence. How do I know it’s working?”

The benefits of Vadiance, for some, very are obvious and for others are subtle. If you do not notice a difference, first check your dosing, (see FAQ Directions and Dose). We then encourage you to journal your experience or inquire with your significant other/ friend after a couple weeks of use.  We’ve heard many cases where a friend or significant other notices the changes from Vadiance first!

Some users have tried ‘testing’ Vadiance to see if they feel different without it. Most people, including ourselves, do feel a difference after not taking it for a few days and desire to resume the product. This is not something that we encourage, as your process and focus ideally is towards better wellness, not “prove it to me.” 

Vadiance helps move you toward becoming, the best version of yourself. It is not the only way to get there, but it makes it a lot easier!

Chemically, Vadiance contains nothing but pure spring water from El Dorado Springs Colorado, infused with a high level of vital lifeforce energies. Vadiance source water comes from a high-quality local spring and is commercially bottled in glass containers (minimizing plastics contamination) by an FDA and state-regulated water supplier. Our base water is one of the best sources in the USA, in terms of both purity and energetic qualities. Vadiance Water water is naturally slightly alkaline — approximately 7.2 pH. Nature created the perfect recipe for spring water, which includes naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes.

You can see a list of the naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes in Vadiance’s source water here. These figures are shown in milligrams per Liter (mg/L). It should be noted that if Vadiance is taken as recommended, your daily dose is 250-500 times LOWER than these already small amounts of minerals.

Vadiance is produced in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility. We comply with FDA and Colorado Department of Public Health Department regulations and test every batch of Vadiance for purity and quality.

We comply with FDA and state regulations which include monitoring our Vadiance production process for purity and quality. This monitoring includes tests for markers and pathogens like Coli-forms and e. Coli, as well as contaminants. We also conduct UV Absorbance tests to determine the levels of vital life energy.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at [email protected]

For many people, NO. However, some Vadiance users may experience a detoxification effect when they first start taking it  for the first week or two. This is your system purifying itself. For most people, this is a gentle process. However, if you feel the symptoms are in any way unpleasant, then we advise decreasing your daily dosage until you feel ready for a larger dose. Detox symptoms may include tiredness, lack of energy, unusual/vivid dreams, surfacing then subsiding of strong past emotions, and questioning of core beliefs. Always listen to your body. It is better to go slow and gradually increase your intake, than risk overwhelming your system.

In addition, some Vadiance users may experience an increase in emotional awareness, processing, and release. When releasing anger or grief, this can be a significant experience.

In the unlikely situation that the symptoms remain too overwhelming even after decreasing your dose, we recommend you stop using Vadiance. 

This depends on your required dosage. Average users take between 2-4 droppers (2-4 ml) per day, so at this rate, a 4oz bottle will last about 1-2 months. Everyone has different needs, so your dose may need to be higher or lower than this average.

Yes! We have received anecdotal testimonials that Vadiance can significantly benefit plants, but we have not tested this ourselves.

We strongly suggest you are cautious with dosing since pets and plants are not able to communicate about how they feel like a person can.

If you choose to try Vadiance on your pet or plants, we recommend the following:

  • Maintain a similar dilution ratio as you would for yourself. A general rule to follow would be 1 drop of Vadiance (water drop, not dropper full) for every 2 lbs of animal or plant weight, (a 10 lb animal would need 5 drops). You should still dilute it in 8 oz of water.
  • For plants or animals less than 2 lbs, (less than 1 drop), then use 1 drop and increase the amount of water you dilute it in. For example, a 1 lb pet, put 1 drop into 16 oz of water.
  • The animal does not need to drink all the water at once and it can be spread out over a day or two.
  • Experiment with the dosing, but just go slowly with increases spread out over a number of days. If you notice any negative effects, decrease the dose. If the negative effects continue, then stop using it.

We would love to hear any feedback you have on how your pets are plants are doing on Vadiance!

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