Vadiance Water Supplement is pure spring water highly imbued and concentrated with vital life energy from an advanced new process. Taking only a small amount Vadiance (a few ml daily) helps you become your best self, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by rebalancing your vital energies.

A few of the benefits Vadiance Water Supplement users report are: feeling lower stress and better ability to manage stress, higher average energy levels, greater focus, better sleep, greater emotional balance and harmony, and clearing of past emotional traumas.

The vital energies in Vadiance Water adapt to you personally to help you where you need it so your experience may vary. Vadiance works to make you an even better you!


Here at Vadiance Science we support the conscious evolution of life in all its forms and humbly strive to improve humanity and the world as a whole, by providing proven methods to access to the remarkable power of subtle energy based on core values of respect and honor for all life.  The intention behind our water is to elevate consciousness and by providing support to release trauma and toxins on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When we do this, our perspective clears and shifts, and we find more love and abundance in our hearts and we can become the best version of ourselves.



FOUNDER Dr. Derek Gerlach, PhD Engineering Stanford, is a cutting-edge visionary scientist with heart who is committed to using his natural gifts and skills to improve the quality of life for everyone and everything on the planet. He believes that attaining a greater understanding of vital life force energies will improve all living things and allow us further access to our Divinity.


CEO Jason Lachance is a seasoned Executive and leader who has spent 28 years in the hi-tech semi-conductor and amorphous silicon sensor manufacturing industries. Jason’s desire to work with companies that strive to make the world a better place has guided him on his career path from computer chips, to X-ray imaging sensors for medical systems, and now to Vadiance™ Water. Jason’s broad based experience, along with his process, systems, and extensive leadership skills give him the foundation needed to work in a dynamic startup environment. His ultimate goal and passion remains to improve the world by producing products that genuinely help people, such as Vadiance™ Water.


Have I felt anything different since drinking Vadiance Water? Yes, I think it helps with energy; focus and intentions are powerful! I'll take a 55 gallon drum!

Dr. Mary Harrow, DO

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Center for Vital Health, inc

I’ve been taking Vadiance for a few months now and can honestly say that it has improved my state of mind.  The initial effects were subtle as I was experimenting with the dosing. However, it wasn’t until I came off the water for a couple of days that I noticed how much Vadiance was actually benefiting me.  I am more focused and my outlook and response to everyday interactions is definitely more positive.  I feel great!

Matt Taraborelli

Honestly, I was skeptical of your beautiful-water in the blue jar. I was stepping into my husband’s shoes and saying to myself “prove it”. Taking Vadiance for the past month has given me significantly increased motivation to focus on my diet and regular exercise. As a result, I’m feeling better than ever! I did the work, but I believe Vadiance gave me the extra motivational support I needed to accomplish my goal. Thanks to Vadiance I now have more clarity and focus than I ever have before! 

Jodi Feist


How to Access Vital Life Force To Increase Your Energy

How to Access Vital Life Force To Increase Your Energy

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How do you know if Vadiance Water is working?

How do you know if Vadiance Water is working?

We at Vadiance Science hear many stories from Vadiance Water users that sound like this: "I started taking Vadiance Water a few weeks ago and feel great! I started feeling better about problem(s) X/Y/Z around the time I started Vadiance Water, however I'm not sure if...

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Science 2.0

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