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Dosing Vadiance

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As soon as you drink Vadiance Water, it goes to work detoxing and upgrading your system.

How much Vadiance Water should you drink each day? The key is paying attention to yourself. Everyone is different, with different levels and types of toxicities, personal history, etc. Some people use a few drops (not droppers) in an 8 oz glass of water, while some people are ready for 6-8 dropper full per day (really a half full dropper). Notice how your body is feeling. Is there more energy? Sounder sleep? More emotional calm and focus? More mental clarity? Some of these changes are dramatic, and some are subtle. In general, the more Vadiance Water you drink each day, the faster (and more apparent) your changes will be.


In general, if you are feeling more tired, it may be that your body is purging toxins. In this case, you may want to decrease your daily dose. Taking less Vadiance Water means a slower and more gentle detox/upgrade. Upgrading to a higher level of consciousness too fast can be uncomfortable. As we know, there are no bonus points for evolving faster.

Alternatively, if you are not noticing any effects, you may want to increase your daily dosage, even up to 6,7 or 8 half droppers full each day. They key is self awareness (some people even find it helpful to keep a journal), and then adjusting your daily Vadiance Water dosing to match a pacing that you are comfortable with.

Vadiance Water can be your partner in your own personal development and rebalancing.

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